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The rapidly unfolding global Covid-19 crisis has distracted me slightly from a proper launch of this blog, but I find myself with a sudden surplus of time and what better way to put it to use than to commit to writing again? Like many, I am suddenly at home with a lot more time on my hands. No gym classes, no daily commute and no choir or poetry groups. Of course, we’ll do what we can to keep these things going remotely, but the presence of other people is something I will miss. 

The real contagion seems to be an overarching air of panic. I have been quite calm about the unfolding situation, but this week I could feel myself getting anxious and it was directly related to the amount of time spent consuming news and social media. How do people who live alone find a balance between staying connected and not driving themselves crazy with access to social media?

For me, I have had to find another contagion. Laughter is my answer. I created a meme support group for friends on Whatsapp (I’ll add you, if you want – drop me a message). This has lead to a constant stream of hilarity (lots of people clearly working VERY hard at home). Just last night I was overtaken with uncontrollable laughter at the conversation on the thread. I went to bed feeling a little lighter.

It is infectious. Humour might be a tool of avoidance for me sometimes, but in this case, I think it is what many of us need to help keep the overwhelm at bay. We are all worried, whether it’s about our families, jobs or homes, the future is full of uncertainty, but none of us has the answers and as the next weeks and months go on, we must find what helps us to survive.

I am reading a daily favourite poem on Instagram and am hoping to write and share some more small poems there too. Follow me: @justonemorecliche  

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