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Was there ever a time when I wasn’t grateful for being able to purchase the items I need to survive?

There is a dawning realisation happening for me and for many others as we begin to understand how much of our lives have been spent taking things for granted; the roof over my head, human interaction, the food in my fridge… the list goes on.

Yesterday I took my weekly visit to the supermarket and I was intensely grateful. Every item I placed in my basket held a new significance to me. I was consciously shopping, considering how I would make things last over a period of days, cutting out the excess. 

I am fortunate that things are not as bad for me as they are for countless others. I may be alone physically, but I have many friends who are checking in regularly and I am intensely grateful for them. Love can be expressed in many ways and not all of them require you to be in the same room with someone, as it turns out.

There are certain to be many valuable lessons which arise for individuals and societies during this crisis, but for me the idea of need, of necessity is taking on a different meaning. It is making me question my own greed and the ease with which I have taken things for granted.

I hope I can hold on to this feeling of gratitude once this is all over. 

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