About me

Since my angsty adolescent days, I have been a writer. Poetry is my way of making sense of an often bewildering array of personal experiences and I am working on new ways of sharing my writing with the world. Alongside this, I have worked in the charity sector for ten years, as an occasional freelance writer and editor for five, and  a tutor of English Literature for two. I have a wide range of administrative and project management experience and am actively seeking new opportunities to work on additional creative projects.


Connection. Learning. Honesty. 

I believe we are all on our own personal journeys and that if we invest the time and effort in self-exploration we can all lead lives that are more satisfying. Satisfaction is more achievable than happiness. Happiness is a packaged social media ideal which fails to take into consideration the rich internal lives we all lead. 

The nature of modern existence is such that we often experience anxiety, pain and inner turmoil. But I am an optimistic person. I think that our connections with others can allow us a greater understanding of ourselves and that through real honesty, we can make meaningful discoveries which help us to lead better lives.


If you like what you read or relate in some way to my experiences, please reach out. I hope to build a community of people I can learn from and would love to hear your stories of change or self-discovery. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook doing the social media thing. I also have a new Instagram account which is mostly for sharing poetry.